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HAMKO, a household and trusted name today started its journey back in 1978 with the establishment of Abdullah Battery Company Limited by its founding chairman Mr. Abdus Sattar Taludker. With an aim to pioneer in the battery and accumulator industry, HAMKO set its journey with the principle of quality and customer at the core. HAMKO has become a respected name through quality products, innovative solutions and humble service.

HAMKO is one of the largest battery manufactures of the country today with leading market share in the Solar inverter(IPS) & automotive Battery segment. Apart from Battery sector, HAMKO has spread its wing in other sectors like Plastic Houseware & Furniture, Non-stick coated Aluminium & Stainless still cookware, leather & sports shoes, Radial and Bias tyre and household electrical products. The same core values of HAMKO have enable the group to grow from a small venture from a southern part of the country to a renowned conglomerate of the country contributing to the growth of the robust economy.

Message from The Chairman

HAMKO has a very humble beginning starting its journey from a southern city of the Country and becoming a trusted brand name in the country. The basic principles that guided HAMKO’s to today’s respected position are ‘Simplicity and Integrity’. Being true to its commitment to bring out best quality products at a reasonable price with humble service to the customers, has helped HAMKO to achieve today’s reputation. Moreover, creating value for stakeholders like dealers and retailers to grow together has also helped HAMKO to build a very strong distribution network driven by loyal brand ambassadors.

HAMKO culture always nurtures very cordial environment and treats stakeholders as partners of growth. HAMKO strives to remain very strong to its core values and envisions to continue the growth as a preferred and household brand in the country. With the support and combined effort of management, employees, dealers and retailers, HAMKO aims to achieve many more milestones in its humble journey in years to come.

Message from Managing Director

From its very inception, HAMKO lived with the motto of solving a customer problem through the business we do. All our products ranging from Automobile and IPS battery to today's solar system solutions are meant to create value for our customers-enabling them to grow, enhancing them to attain a better quality of life. We believed and proved over time that as long as we help our customers grow, our business growth is only a natural consequence of it.

. We had always put collaboration above competition and facilitated the growth of our business fraternity, the society and the country over all. As we promise to continue to deliver the highest quality of product and service to our customers, we have firm confidence that our 'let's grow together' attitude will remain unbeatable for a long long time.

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