HAMKO Leathers Ltd

HAMKO Leathers Limited(HLL):

HAMKO leather is one of the latest ventures of the group. Huge opportunity in the leather sector both in domestic and export market has inspired HAMKO group to venture into this segment. HAMKO leather now produces both leather and non-leather items ranging from different types of leather shoes, synthetic shoes, sandals, bags and other accessories there is huge opportunity of growth in this sector.

HAMKO leather is already started bringing in valuable foreign exchange to the country by exporting its products to different countries of the world.

HLL, with able leadership has already attained confidence of some top class brands in a short span of time and successfully exported its product to countries like Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, and India, China. HLL carries the same legacy of HAMKO brand in the footwear segment and established itself as a preferred brand to its customers.

Apart from production facility, HIL has a strong R&D team and material sourcing office in China. HIL has expanded business to China and Middle East after serving local market. HIL aims to bring in new and creative products in the market and become a household name

HLL own Brands: Comfy and Tigerland

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